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Search engine spiders pick up on the fresh content being delivered to your site every day. Fresh content = increased search engine ranking for your site

Keywords in the titles of your news feed are picked up by search engines, so by having only RV-related content on your site, your search engine rank climbs even higher in relevance to your product or service

You offer fresh content every day and a reason for visitors to your site to check back with your site on a daily basis.

By using a special RV-only RSS feed (there is only one, and this is it!) you control the content of the news coming in to your site. You know that ONLY content from other COT members will appear in your news feed, and by customizing your feed, you do not need to worry about the "wrong" news from your competitors showing up on your site.

Having the ability to PUBLISH TO AN RSS FEED:

Your news can be syndicated and "broadcast" to any other site that has a news feed. This increases incoming links to your site, promotes your link popularity rank, and moves your site ahead of your competitors in search engines - very quickly.

You now control your own press releases. No more paying for a press release, then waiting weeks for the "right" publications to pick it up and publish it - which doesn't always happen. With RSS, you publish, and it's out there. Period.

Guaranteed publication on rvnewsdaily.com - the ONLY RV related RSS feed available at this time.

Through the venue of the rvnewsdaily syndication site, you get guaranteed publication online, automatically submitted daily to RSS news feeds on the web, including Yahoo news, Google news, and so on...

Your content goes to a targeted audience of subscribers to news feeds, plus, news titles show up on search engines within less than a week in most cases (this is true, because I have seen it).

News articles published by you can generate more sign-ups to your e-mail list, more sales for your affiliate programs, and once your learn how to use RSS to your best advantage, it can further your business goals much more quickly than traditional methods, i.e. linking programs, paid banner advertising, paid press releases, etc.

Unless you are a pretty good webmaster yourself, it will probably confuse you - it is mind-boggling and I found it difficult to understand. Focus on the marketing aspects of RSS as you read, I found this article helpful: <a href="http://www.rssapplied.com/rss-tutorials-2.html">http://www.rssapplied.com/rss-tutorials-2.html</a>; but it didn't give me a solution to HOW to implement it myself. Still, it will give you a good overview....
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