RVer victims of Katrina survive. But trouble looms

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By Chuck Woodbury (August 31, 11 a.m.) -- Among the more fortunate residents of the areas decimated by Hurricane Katrina are those with RVs who were able to flee the storm. Yet their good fortune is already going the way of all victims -- focusing on survival now that the horrific storm has passed.

RVers who managed to escape the wrath of the winds and flooding are now facing hardships of their own. RV parks are packed in neighboring areas. Fuel is unavailable. Food is running low. Some RVers have no money to pay for campsites or supplies.

"We're not worrying about if they can pay," said Anne Pierson, owner of two RV parks in Louisianna, "and I think other RV parks probably feel the same." Still, she wonders how long the parks can survive with only limited income.

Pierson cannot even make outgoing phone calls. Luckily, her Internet connection works. "I gave up on answering emails," she said. "There are just too many." Although Pierson has been able to account for all her friends and relatives in the devastated areas, others have not.

Many of the RVers in her parks need prescriptions. "But for some, their doctor's office is gone, maybe even the doctor." Pierson's mother recently had a hip replacement. "We were fortunate that we could bring her here with us," she said. "But she has no way of getting in touch with her therapist."

Pierson said gas stations along the highways have run out of fuel. Nobody knows when fuel will become available again. At one of her parks Pierson is feeding campers who have run out of provisions and money.

She said the best source of information about the dire situation in New Orleans is NOLA.com, where bloggers with WiFi connection inside the town are posting news on a regular basis.

At RVtravel.com we have set up a section in our Readers Forum for sharing of information about the hurricane. Anyone who has something to say is invited to leave a message or answer one. RVtravel.com is working with Pierson and others to help in the relief. We'll keep you posted here and in the RVtravel.com weekly newsletter.
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