The Book of Camping Knots

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High-tech equipment and lightweight apparel have made it easier for campers to get along in the outdoors, but knot-tying skills remain as invaluable as ever: Your high-tech, self-erecting tent may be top-of-the-line, but it will not make an effective shelter unless you can secure it properly in extreme weather conditions. The Book of Camping Knots includes detailed line drawings and step-by-step instructions that will teach you everything you need to know about tying and using the essential camping knots. With sections on stopper knots, bends, loops, shortenings, and hitches, among others - as well as a glossary of terms and an index of knot names - this handy guidebook will be an indispensable companion on any camping trip. (5 1/2 X 8 1/4, 144 pages, diagrams)
You don't want to forget a knot as vital as the perfection loop when trying to hang gear or equipment on your next camping trip. With this guidebook, forgetting how to tie essential knots is unlikely. It includes detailed line drawings and instructions that will teach you to tie whippings, seizings, splicings, stopper knots, loops, running knots, bends, hitches, and applied decorative knots'using both natural- and artificial-fiber ropes. Also included are explanations of the various uses of each knot, advice on choosing the correct knot to use in a given situation, and easy-to-use indexes, all of which help to make The Book of Camping Knots an essential companion on any camping trip.
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YA-Owen acknowledges that camping has changed dramatically with advances in equipment and clothing. However, whether using the old or new technology, campers still need to know how to tie knots correctly. This book provides that information. First, the author explains the different types of ropes and their uses. Then, the knots are divided into seven categories according to their usage. Each one is clearly explained and described. However, the book's greatest assets are the detailed line drawings that clearly illustrate each step, accompanied by concise, sequenced instructions. A glossary, a conversion chart from English measures to metric, and an index round out the presentation. Knots can be lifesavers in risky situations and this well-illustrated book will provide teens with the knowledge they need to tie the right knot at the right time.-Jane S. Drabkin, Potomac Community Library, Woodbridge, VA Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.

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