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First Aid Checklist for Campers

RV News You've arrived at the campground and sent the kids off to the playground while you set up camp.

 It's during these early moments at the campground that we tend to get excited and somewhat prone to those little mishaps, like scrapes and minor cuts, while moving all the gear and setting up equipment. So be prepared for camping accidents with a well-stocked first aid kit.

The well-stocked first aid kit contains:

  • bandages and gauze of various sizes
  • antiseptic creams and ointments
  • sterile wipes and rinse solutions
  • pain medicine
  • tweezers, scissors, and knife
  • sunburn relief spray
  • anti-diarrhea medicine

So what kind of accidents should one anticipate while camping? Well, there are always the occasional cuts, scrapes, and scratches.

We're playing outdoors now, and common camping chores can be hazardous. Hiking through brush, thorn bushes, or cactus; cooking outdoors or around campfires; and exposing ourselves to the elements and insects are just some examples of the outdoor activities that require our attention. Be prepared!

To remedy cuts, scrapes, and scratches, include a variety of bandages, and also have some antiseptic swipes and antibiotic cream on hand. Hydrogen peroxide comes in handy for washing out cuts, and a saline solution is a great relief for washing out eyes should you happen to sit too close to a campfire and get ashes or cinders in them. Q-tips and liquid pain relief solution come in handy for bug bites or small cuts and scratches. Tweezers come in handy for removing thorns and splinters, and scissors or a knife will help to cut tape and bindings. Don't forget Tylenol and aspirin for headaches and internal pain relief, and for intestinal problems include some Imodium or other anti-diarrhea medicine. Other items to consider might be sunburn relief spray, preferably an Aloe Vera solution, Chapstick for the lips, zinc oxide for skin protection, burn cream, and where appropriate, a snakebite kit.

As a final tip, be sure to check your first aid kit annually and replenish any exhausted or outdated medicines and supplies. And don't forget to always take a well-stocked first aid kit whenever you go camping.

From David Sweet