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FAQS by First-Time RVers Q: Do most rv parks have showers/sanitary facilities?
A: Yes but midnight potty trips are a bummer. On the up-side, many RVers avoid the sites near the bathouse, so these spots are often untaken.

Q: Do most rv parks offer reduced rates for longer stays; i.e. weekly or monthly rates?
A: Most RV parks and Campground offer redused rate for longer stays and often off-season rates are even lower.Government operated parks are an exception. They usually only have daily rates and often limit you to two weeks stays.

Q: Are pets generally accepted at rv parks?
A: Generally, yes, especially small pets. But it's always a good idea to check before you arrive or make reservations.

Q: Are rv parks reasonably immune from the crime? Is it safe to leave a trailer or rv unattended while you go fishing or for a walk?
A: Yes. At the very least RV parks and Campgrounds are as safe as the average neighborhood. Usually they are much safer. Public campgrounds sometimes have a problem with thefts while snowbird RV parks do not. It depends on the park though so you good judgment. It's always a good idea to lock your vehicles and RV and put expensive things away whenever you leave your site.

Q: How does one deal with laundry on the road?
A: Most commercial parks, have coin laundries. Campground guides will usually tell you if there is laundry. There is almost always a coin laundry in a nearby town.

Q: How do you get mail while RVing?
A: If you will be traveling for a few weeks you may be able to have a relative, friend or neighbor foward your mail to you. Whoever you get will probably burn out quickly so don't ask them to do it more than three to six weeks depending on how often you will have it forwarded to you.

If you plan to be on the road longer or full time make arrangments with a mail forwarding service.

Some RV parks will accept your mail but many will not. It's a good idea to have it sent General Deliver to a nearby town. Keep in mind the General Delivery mail goes to the main post office in a town with more than one. Choosing a small town with one Post Office will make getting your mail easier.

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