Great Western RV Trips

Every year, the 9 million RV owners in the U.S. look for new and exciting vacation destinations.

RV owners who aren't content staying put will be inspired by journeys, such as: Southeastern California's enigmatic deserts; Spectacular mountains on the Lewis and Clark route and a dozen more. Detailed trip maps, and insider's tips completeinformation on campgrounds.
From sun-baked Baja to spectacular Glacier National Park, a perfect guide to seeing the West by RV—16 dream vacations for every season.

"At last! An RV guide equal to the wonderful western routes it describes. Consider it a mandatory piece of equipment for your journey." —Terry Richard, outdoor writer, The Oregonian

Imagine being in the mountains, forests, or deserts of the American West at Nature's most beautiful and fascinating times. Far from the beaten path, in any season of the year, the peace and spectacular scenery are there for you to enjoy. And you can do it all in the comfort of your recreational vehicle.

For more than two decades, writer and photographer Jan Bannan has blazed the RV travel trail in the West. Now she has compiled 16 dream vacations for the RVer, doing all the information-gathering and road-testing for you. These magical itineraries will take you to

Arizona's Saguaro National Park as nature awakens its springtime
Southern Texas's Big Bend in the winter, where wildlife and hot springs abound
Oregon's lush forest trails and Columbia Gorge waterfalls at the peak of the summer's windsurfing season
Southern Utah's magnificent red rock cliffs in autumn
Idaho's historic Lewis and Clark route
And many other glorious places during their best seasons. Great Western RV Trips helps you get the most out of your RV travel adventures, tipping you off to the best times for viewing flora and fauna, and showing you how to work with the weather, not against it.

This comprehensive vacation resource also includes detailed maps, resources and information for the physically impaired traveler, complete information on the best campgrounds and hookups, and special events and recreational activities at your destination. Prepare for the RV adventure of a lifetime!

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