Hitching and unhitching a fifth wheel

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Hitching and unhitching a fifth wheel I've seen people try to drive away with their landing gear still down. And I know people who have dropped their fifth wheel on the pickup bed because they forgot to drop the landing gear. Following a systematic procedure each time you hitch and unhitch will minimize the chance you will have similar problems.

Adjust 5th wheel kingpin to proper hitch height
Drop truck tailgate ... if you don't have a special tailgate.*
Open locking bar on hitch
Back under trailer until hitch engages kingpin
Secure hitch locking bar on the fifth wheel hitch
Put truck in forward gear (don't give it any fuel/acceleration)
and 'bump' the hitch to make sure it is locked
Connect umbilical cord and breakaway switch cable
Check trailer lights and brakes
Raise truck tailgate *
Raise Landing gear
Remove wheel chocks from trailer wheels
Pull into the site/storage, and situate the trailer where you want it.
Chock the wheels tightly so the trailer will not move
Drop the landing gear (important!!!!) Do this first then you won't forget!
Disconnect the umbilical cord and breakaway switch cable
Drop the truck tailgate... if you don't have a special tailgate. *
Gently put your truck into reverse... don't give it any fuel/acceleration.
This effectively moves the kingpin off the locking bar which will allow you to easily disengage it.
Step on brake and and apply parking brake.
Disengage the locking bar and unhitch
Drive away
Raise truck tailgate *
Adjust 5th wheel height to proper front to back level

*Disregard this step if you have a notched
fifth wheel tailgate or you do not have a tailgate.

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