Fall Foliage Reports

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Mother Nature puts on a color show every fall, and it's free. So why not enjoy it? Get outdoors and go camping, take a scenic drive, or visit a park. Use the resources below for fall foliage reports and touring info.

Fall Foliage Hotlines

Alabama, 1-800-252-2262
Arkansas, 1-800-628-8725
California, 1-916-322-2881
Connecticut, 1-800-282-6863
Delaware, 1-800-441-8846
Georgia, 1-404-656-3590
Idaho, 1-800-847-4843
Illinois, 1-800-223-0121
Indiana, 1-800-289-6646
Iowa, 1-515-233-4110
Kentucky, 1-800-225-8747
Maine, 1-800-777-0317
Maryland, 1-800-532-8371
Massachusetts, 1-800-227-6277
Michigan, 1-800-644-3255
Minnesota, 1-800-657-3700
Missouri, 1-800-877-1234
Montana, 1-800-847-4868
New Hampshire, 1-800-258-3608
New Jersey, 1-800-354-4595
New York, 1-800-225-5697
North Carolina, 1-800-847-4862
Ohio, 1-800-282-5393
Oklahoma, 1-800-652-6552
Oregon, 1-800-547-5445
Pennsylvania, 1-800-325-5467
Rhode Island, 1-800-556-2484
South Carolina, 1-800-849-4766
Tennessee, 1-800-697-4200
Texas, 1-800-791-1112
Utah, 1-800-354-4595
Vermont, 1-800-837-6668
Virginia, 1-800-434-5323
Washington, 1-800-354-4595
West Virginia, 1-800-225-5982
Wisconsin, 1-800-432-8747

(Note: many of these numbers are to state offices of travel and tourism. Some may have operators, and if so, just ask for what you want to know.)

Fall Foliage Web Sites

Alabama no info available
Alaska no info available
Arizona Fall Color, The Arboretum, Flagstaff
Arkansas Fall Color Updates, Arkansas Travel Assoc.
California Fall Color, Picture This
Colorado Fall Color
Connecticut Scenic Drives and Fall Foliage
Delaware no info available
DC Fall Colors in Bloom
Florida Fall Festivals
Georgia Fall Color Update, USDA Forest Service
Idaho no info available
Illinois no info available
Indiana no info available
Iowa Finding Fall Color, Iowa State U.
Kansas no info available
Kentucky Fall Foliage Photos
Louisiana no info available
Maine Fall Foliage, Dept. of Conservation
Maryland no info available
Massachusetts Fall Walks on Cape Cod
Massachusetts Boston's Fall Foliage
Michigan Fall Color Tours, Ring Online
Minnesota Scenic Byways
Mississippi no info available
Missouri Fall in Missouri, Dept. of Conservation
Montana no info available
Nebraska no info available
Nevada Fall Colors
Nevada no info available
New Hampshire Fall Foliage in New Hampshire
New Hampshire Fall Foliage Report
New Jersey Fall Driving Tours, Travel & Tourism
New Mexico no info available
New York Scenic Fall Drives in Adirondack Park
North Carolina Fall Colors and Wildlife
North Dakota no info available
Ohio Ohio Fall Foliage Report, Ohio DNR
Oklahoma no info available
Oregon no info available
Pennsylvania Fall Foliage Reports
Pennsylvania Fall in PA, The Commonwealth of PA
Rhode Island Fall Foliage, Visit RI Outdoors
South Carolina no info available
South Dakota no info available
Tennessee Smoky Mountains Fall Color
Texas Foliage Report, Parks & Historic Sites
Upstate New York Fall Foliage In, Round The Bend
Utah Fall Fun
Virginia no info available
Washington no info available
Washington DC Fall Colors, The Washington Post
West Virginia Fall Color Driving Tours
Wisconsin Experience Fall in Wisconsin
Wyoming no info available

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