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True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from America's National Parks.. We All Need a Good Laugh or More, 'Hey, Ranger!' is it.

This book is fun reading and I'd recommend it to anyone. You don't have to be a Park Ranger to understand the amusing situations that Jim Burnett has shared with us in this very funny book! This history of amusing anedotes from the man that was there can be shared by friends and relatives alike. It is fun and funny without having to stoop to the trash level like so much 'humor' is today. Thanks to the writer and the publisher for printing something I'll want to read again.

Great read for anyone who likes stories with humor
As a park ranger I found lots to like about this book, but you don't have to be an outdoor's person to enjoy it. These are funny stories based on the author's 30 years as a ranger and he was obviously a good observer of human nature. He creates some wonderful acronyms to describe some of the situations people get into in the out-of-doors. If you're looking for some fun, light reading, this is a great choice.

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