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Scary Camping Stories 6

RV News The Bloody Knife Many and many a year ago, two Micmac warriors from rival villages got into a terrible argument. Harsh words were exchanged and then knives were pulled. (Nova Scotia)

Scary Camping Stories 5

RV News The Bloodstain A murdered man haunts the house where he was killed.

Scary Camping Stories 4

RV News Black Bartelmy's Ghost Black Bartelmy was an evil, surly buccaneer who murdered his wife and children and went to sea with a band of pirates as nasty as he. (Nova Scotia)

Scary Camping Stories 3

RV News The Black Dog of Hanging Hills A black dog haunts Meriden, CT .

Scary Camping Stories 2

RV News Bear Lake Monster Be careful swimming in Bear Lake! (Utah)

Scary Camping Stories 1

RV News The Army of the Dead -The ghosts of the Confederate Army still march through Charleston, South Carolina

Portable Generator for RV Use

RV News Portable or contractor-grade generators typically have cruder engines which are noisier of themselves...

RV Fire

RV News We should all be aware of the possibility...