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Some Are Found, All Are Lost

RV News Littlest Victims: The luckiest ones are merely displaced. The unlucky still can't find their parents. For every one, the trauma will last a lifetime.

The Starfish Project

RV News A proposal in which America’s houses of worship become houses of refuge.

New Book Serves RVers Who Travel with Dogs

RV News RVers who travel with dogs have a new resource in "Camping and RVing With Dogs," available from RVbookstore.com. The 314-page book from authors Jack and Julee Meltzer includes a comprehensive directory of RV-friendly campgrounds plus information about pet-friendly businesses, parks and other public facilities.

The Joy of Hitching - Or Not!

RV News Hitching up. Those two words can convey the anticipation of an adventure on the road, a day on the lake or on horseback, or maybe a long-awaited camping getaway.