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Plasti-Mend Black for RV Holding Tank Repairs

Press Releases Plasti-Mend Black is a new brush-on ABS plastic resin compound that melts into and bonds with the original plastic, leaving a new layer of plastic bonded over the repaired area. It can be used on cracks or holes of any size.

RV Communities Co Formed

Press Releases A new group of investors has formed Prestige RV Living Communities.

DRIVE business to You while sitting IN traffic

Press Releases Whether you are a sales professional or the proud owner of an Internet or brick-and-mortar business, our traveling billboards deliver your message to thousands of motorists and pedestrians every day. I.D. IT! Plates work hard for you in downtown traffic, on a crowded freeway or even while you're parked at the mall.

Travel with your dog.

Press Releases Travel with your dog. Save at campgrounds, cabin rentals and other outdoor related businesses. Campingpet Adventure Club is a new outdoor club devoted to rv'ers and others who like the great outdoors.