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"); //0 document.write("Preparing an Avocado"); document.write("
Removing the seed (pit) from a ripe avocado can be a daunting task,. Here\'s my preferred method of easily removing the avocado\'s large, single seed.

"); //1 document.write("Back to Basics Cooking, Baking & Grilling"); document.write("
Cooking for some is a passion and for others its a hobby. Whichever way your leaning cooking demands patients and a positive attitude. But knowing some helpful
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"); //2 document.write("What Is the Sous Vide Technique?"); document.write("
In cooking there are many different methods that can be used. You can fry, grill, and sautee foods, amongst others. The Sous Vide technique is another cooking
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"); //3 document.write("How To Cook Food More Nutritiously"); document.write("
Eating nutritious food is not an option, it\'s a necessity for a healthy life. With majority of the world\'s population suffering from one or more kind of nutritional
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"); //4 document.write("Everyday Nutrients The Body Needs And The Best Way To Get Them From Real Food"); document.write("
Our body needs many nutrients daily to function well and stay healthy. While there are more than one way to get these nutrients, the best way is to get them
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