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"); //0 document.write("How Are Sweets The Symbol Of Happiness?"); document.write("
Sweets are the symbol of happiness when we are happy we are going to buy sweets for us and for whom who are close to us. A happy mind can think innovatively
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"); //1 document.write("Strawberry Fields Forever"); document.write("
America\'s favorite berry, the strawberry \'s versatility knows no limits. We jam them, we bake them, we cream them, we smoothie them, we dip them, we slice them,
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"); //2 document.write("Hostess With The Mostest"); document.write("
In 1972, aging actress Ann Blyth hawked Hostess snack cakes on TV proclaiming \"freshness never tasted so good.\" What else could be said? They were healthy?
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"); //3 document.write("A Sense Of Good Humor"); document.write("
Baby Boomers remember the sight of those boxy white trucks, often parked at busy intersections or slowly driving down neighborhood streets, the tinkle of their
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"); //4 document.write("DARK CHOCOLATES - The Bitter The Better"); document.write("
We all have a sweet tooth for chocolates. But the regular chocolates contain fat that make us gain unnecessary weight, whereas dark chocolate is different.
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"); //5 document.write("3 Must-Try Decadent Desserts You Can Make Using Your Grill"); document.write("
Grilled desserts? Yes please! Whip up any of these 3 decadent grilled dessert recipes at your next backyard barbecue!

"); //6 document.write("Easy Phirni Parfait"); document.write("
Phirni or firni is a delicious Indian Sweet or Dessert and its one of the easiest dessert which one can make. Learn how to make quick and easy phirni or firni
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"); //7 document.write("That Takes The (Wedding) Cake"); document.write("
The wedding cake. Unique and central to wedding ceremonies throughout history, so intrinsic and artistic they have earned their own TV shows and decorating
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"); //8 document.write("3 Scrumptious No-Bake Desserts For Beginners"); document.write("
Looking for fuss-free yet delectable dessert recipes? These scrumptious no-bake desserts will surely win your heart (and your taste buds)!

"); //9 document.write("Cookie Monsters"); document.write("
Call them cookies, biscotti, biscuits, springerle, galletas, koekje, or shortbread, every country has their favorites. But no place seems to love cookies more
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