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"); //0 document.write("Cold Weather Family Vacations - Staying Warm, Looking Cool."); document.write("
What a difference the right clothing makes. Whether skiing, snowboarding, skating, hiking, snowshoeing, sledding or just making snow angels, staying dry means staying warm. Winter feels good, try it!\n

"); //1 document.write("Six Indoor Waterparks Turn Spring Break Tropical."); document.write("
Take a break where snow gear and sunscreen will not be needed but flip-flops are essential; a place where being all wet is part of the experience plan and wave pools, tunnel slides and lazy river floating is part of the fun.

"); //2 document.write("Add More Zip and Extra Fun to Your Next Family Vacation."); document.write("
Prepare to zip, soar, jump, glide and feel free. Just shake it up. Zipline adventures add new perspectives; shake up your norm; build confidence; provide extra thrills, and will add “whoa!” moments to any family vacation.

"); //3 document.write("12 Spunky Winter Festivals Offer Mini Breaks with Extra Fun to Share."); document.write("
The best snow festivals across the US offer interactive and engaging ways to enjoy cold weather and many of them include wacky ways to have fun from frozen turkey bowling to icy golf games and my favorite a frying pan toss.

"); //4 document.write("Dude Ranches Offer Memorable Family Experiences."); document.write("
All-inclusive and all-American dude ranch vacations combine classic American traditions with fresh air, open spaces and plenty of bonding opportunities.

"); //5 document.write("Dinosaurs Live! at the Heard."); document.write("
For the 12th consecutive year the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary’s nature trails will be populated with gigantic animatronic dinosaurs providing a great way to time travel with your kids.

"); //6 document.write("Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month."); document.write("
January is officially Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month but a number of states offer terrific benefits throughout the winter months for families with children in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grades. Who does\'t like the sound of \"kids ski free\" or almost free?

"); //7 document.write("Farm Stay Family Vacations - Free Range Family Fun with Mother Nature and Her Support Team."); document.write("
Looking for an easy way to slowdown, disconnect and unplug? Consider a family farmstay holiday. Escape to rural America with your kids and enjoy your own free range family fun. \n

"); //8 document.write("Minneapolis Winter Fun Include Minnesota Zoo Adventures, Mall of America, and Urban Skiing,"); document.write("
From marvelous theatrical productions and waterpark thrills to dreamy snow covered parks and tempting hot chocolate stops, the city sparkles during the snowy months.

"); //9 document.write("Pigeon Forge Offers Smoky Mountains Family Reunion Bear Hugs."); document.write("
Welcome defines the atmosphere on and off the iconic parkway. In addition to setting the standard for being family-friendly to all ages, Pigeon Forge literally has something for everyone. It can be a \'do nothing, rocking chair on the porch experience\' or a high energy time loaded with activities which include man-made thrills and adventures in nature. \n

"); //10 document.write("Woodloch Resort Super Cool Winter Vacations."); document.write("
Boomer Bear sets the stage for family getaways to the Poconos during the snowy months offering outdoor adventures, multi-generational activities, an assortment of games and competitions plus Broadway style entertainment.

"); //11 document.write("Thomson Family Adventures Create Vacation Magic."); document.write("
Too busy to work out all of the details for an amazing family adventure? No problem Thomson Family Adventures has already done the planning for dozens of exceptional adventures and all of them are geared to families.

"); //12 document.write("Cross Country Skiing - The Ultimate Field Trip with Kids."); document.write("
Cross-country skiing vacations are becoming more popular because they are easy, fun, affordable, and healthy for all involved. The adrenaline rush from a morning on the trails with your kids will yield more than a calorie burn burn.

"); //13 document.write("Kingsley Pines Family Vacation Camp in Maine."); document.write("
Summer camp by definition is pure fun, so imagine a summer camp for the whole family. A place with no schedule conflicts, no dishes to do, no chores to complete, forget the laundry - a place where everyone gets in on the fun. Each summer Kingsley Pines provides just that – a family camp.

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