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Powered by PHP and MySQL. It allows you within minutes to set up a fully functioning dynamic website, and has many features to get you started. The site you are viewing now is a fully operational Weblog. A weblog is personal -- it's done by a person, not an organization. You see a personality. It's not washed-out and normed-up, the bizarre shows through. That's why weblogs are interesting.

A weblog is on the Web -- it doesn't get printed, it can be updated frequently, it's very low cost to produce, and it can be accessed and edited through a Web browser.

A weblog is published -- words flow through templates, the process is automated, the writer and designer are elevated. There's also a possibility of using advanced writing tools, and syndication through RSS. In other words, technology applies to weblogs, publishing technology.

And finally, a weblog is part of communities. No weblog stands alone, they are relative to each other and to the world. The same can be said of most weblogs that gain audiences, they connect people together using the Web through common interests.

User-system, allowing members of the public to register for your site and submit stories.
Comment system, allowing users to comment on posts made to your site.
Block system, allowing you to put information anywhere on your site.
Plugin system that allows you to extend your website, without having to code any new PHP.
Theme system that allows site owners to select what layout they want to use.
Excellent security model that allows you to give users control over certain aspects of the site with no need to worry.
Site Statistics that show you the most popular areas of your site.
Link system that allows users to add links to the site.
Calendar System that lets you and your user add up-and-coming events.
Allow users to email stories to their friends.
All Merchant Services can set up a Weblog for you as a low cost solution for all your web design needs. We can do this at your server as long as you have database capablities,(MYSQL & PHP), We can also transfer your site to our server in most cases at a price far less than what you are already paying! You can also start a brand new domain name and start fresh with a NEW site.

For questions, comments, and pricing details click here <a href="http://www.allms.com">http://www.allms.com</a> and tell us what we can do to assist you!
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