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Auto-dimming mirror with Compass/Thermometer/Map Lights Eliminate dangerous glare from the vehicles traveling behind you with an auto-dimming ? rearview mirror. It detects glare and automatically dims to preserve driver vision and make nighttime driving safer. The brighter the glare, the darker the mirror becomes. Handy map lights in bottom of mirror give you an extra light when you need it.
Outside Temperature Display
The outside temperature display provides you with a digital temperature reading. When the temperature is at or below 37 degrees the display will indicate "ICE" for a period of one minute. This feature cautions you to anticipate road-icing conditions.

PathPoint? Compass System
The compass is a self-calibrating flux gate compass that eliminates manual calibration by the factory, dealer or customer. It detects and compensates for magnetic anomalies caused by bridges, subways and large steel structures. It also compensates for actual changes in vehicle magnetics. Calibration data is stored in memory, which eliminates any requirement for recalibration after losing battery power. The electronic compass shows the direction you are heading in an easy to read digital display located above the mirror. The compass is an extremely accurate computer that displays vehicle headings of N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E and NE.

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