Greener Battery System Installed in New Liberty Coach Triple Slide

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(Stuart, Fl and Chicago, IL) -- Liberty Coach, a leader in the motor coach conversion industry for more than 40 years, has announced the introduction of a new eco-friendly battery system.
The newest Liberty Coach Prevost H3-45 Triple Slide-out now features brand new, environmentally friendly battery technology with the introduction of a lithium iron phosphate battery system. The advantages of the traditional lithium-ion battery coupled with the safety features of phosphates, makes the lithium iron phosphate battery the technology of the future. This new system uses a non-toxic disposable battery that has a much longer lifecycle than the older battery system. Also, because fewer of these new batteries are required to power the various on-board electronics and other systems in a triple-slide coach, there is a tremendous weight savings as well.

“By changing to the new lithium iron phosphate battery technology, we were able to eliminate 1,150 pounds of total weight from our H3-45 Triple-Slide model,” said Frank Konigseder, vice president of Liberty Coach. “Additionally, whereas the older batteries typically would last about three years, these new batteries have on average a 10-year life cycle.”

While Liberty Coach is very happy with the performance and environmental benefits of this new system, going green doesn’t necessarily come cheap. The lithium iron phosphate battery system has a higher price tag than the previous battery system. However, some of this additional cost is offset by the battery’s increased life expectancy which also helps save money when getting a coach ready for resale.

Many high-end motor coach owners trade in their coaches every two or three years. Up to now, when a coach was being made ready for resale, typically the batteries were one of the first things to be replaced. This new system may change all that.

With this new system, all batteries communicate on a proprietary network which continuously monitors each battery cell. The status is displayed on an output monitor that enables Liberty Coach to utilize the generator automatic starting system more efficiently by controlling the start/stop of the generator based exclusively on amp hour usage.

“The history of each battery is maintained in a non-volatile log which can be retrieved at any time,” Konigseder explained. “This may eliminate the need to replace batteries on used coaches in the future since we now have an accurate way to determine the need based upon the actual usage of the batteries in each coach.”

This system is now being installed on all Triple Slide H3-45 models. By mid-summer, the company anticipates installing it in the double-slide models as well which will save 500 pounds of total weight in those coaches.

Liberty Coach continually researches and tests new systems, materials and components to make sure the most reliable, user-friendly, and technologically advanced systems are being utilized in their coaches. For more information about Liberty Coach go to or call (800) 554-9877.

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