Beefed Up Biscuit Casserole


Meats and Main Dish Recipe

Beefed Up Biscuit Casserole
 From the Kitchen of Susan Britsch

1-1/2 pounds ground meat 
1/2 cup chopped onion 
1/4 cup diced green chilies 
1-8 ounce can tomato sauce 
2 teaspoon chili powder 
3/4 teaspoon garlic salt 
1 large can biscuits 
1-1/2 cup Monterey Jack cheese 
1 egg slightly beaten 

Brown first three ingredients and drain. To this mixture stir in tomato sauce, chili powder and garlic salt. Simmer. Put five biscuits on bottom of baking dish. Combine 1 cup of Monterey Jack cheese (grated), sour cream and egg. Remove meat mixture from heat. Stir in sour cream mixture. Spoon over biscuits. Arrange remaining biscuits on top. Sprinkle with ½ cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Bake @ 350 20-30 min.

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