Rvers Guide to Internet Access on the Road

AN E-book By Steven Fletcher

Hello, my name is Steven Fletcher and I'm the author of the RVers Guide to Internet Access on the Road. My wife Fran and I have been full time RVers for eight years now and during that time we've used the Internet to earn a living as well as keep in touch with family and friends. When we first started full time RVing the only practical way to get on the Internet while on the road was via a phone line. Like so many RVers we lugged the laptop to the office each day. What a hassle.

If we planned to stay for a month or two on one place we would have a phone line installed. Very convenient but installation fees make this expensive and in more remote areas dial-up Internet connections are slow. Thankfully, these days, there are many ways to connect to the Internet while traveling. I researched them all. I've used most of the methods so you will learn from my firsthand experiences. In my eBook I explain them all.

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