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Introducing the New QuickPik® RV Dental hygiene tool

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Gum Disease Doesn't Take Time Off

New QuickPik RV© personal oral irrigator improves dental hygiene for RV travelers

Palm Coast, Florida, April 12, 2006—Tom Spaulding, President of Oral Breeze LLC, announces the new QuickPik RV© personal oral irrigator. Attaching to standard recreational vehicle faucets QuickPik RV© prevents and treats gum disease while RVers travel. QuickPik RV© power washes teeth and gums at the RV sink as part of daily dental hygiene.

Spaulding said, “We have been manufacturing personal oral irrigators since 1997, but our ShowerPik© and RediPik© products are home-based dental hygiene tools. Many of our customers wanted to take their oral irrigators with them on vacation. So we designed QuickPik RV© as a convenient, effective way for RV travelers to prevent and treat gum disease.

Spaulding added, “Dentists know daily oral irrigation promotes good dental hygiene, particularly for patients suffering from gum disease. Unfortunately most patients won't use oral irrigators unless they are extremely easy to use.”

QuickPik RV© delivers a concentrated stream of water to get what brushing and flossing miss below the gum line. Using a universal quick connect adapter, QuickPik RV© temporarily attaches to standard RV sink faucets. Its “Breeze n' Store” design makes it easy to use and then store out of the way when finished. The user controls water pressure and temperature with the water tap. And effective irrigation takes only 15 seconds.

QuickPik RV© comes with a durable chrome-plated brass connector, heavy-duty 12 inch water hose and color-coded pik attachments (water concentrator tips). The shorter hose accommodates the limited space of most RV sinks. A QuickPik RV© draw string tote bag is included for convenient storage. QuickPik RV© has no moving parts to break or messy tanks to clean.

Each QuickPik RV© comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

For more information about QuickPik RV© or to learn more about gum disease visit the Oral Breeze website.

For information or to order: http://www.oral-breeze.com

Contact: Tom Spaulding QuickPikRV@oralbreeze.com

Phone: 800-524-6548