Plasti-Mend Black for RV Holding Tank Repairs

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Plasti-Mend Black is a new brush-on ABS plastic resin compound that melts into and bonds with the original plastic, leaving a new layer of plastic bonded over the repaired area. It can be used on cracks or holes of any size. One of the most dreaded things for an RVer is seeing a holding tank leaking.

Now, there is an effective and economical permanant repair for ABS Holding Tanks. Instead of $150-$300 for a new tank and that much or more for installation, you can repair it with the Plasti-Mend Black Repair Kit for less than $40 in most cases or have your service center do it for a fraction of the cost of tank replacement.

Plasti-Mend Black is a simple brush-on repair that makes the repaired item stronger than original.

Plasti-Mend manufactures a number of products for the repair of ABS plastic items such as tanks, holding tanks, shower pans and sinks, AC shrouds, etc., that are normally used in RV and Marine as well as other applications.

Plasti-Mend Black can also be used to repair motorcycle and auto parts made of ABS plastic.

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