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Inside RV Lotto: Prizes are easier to win, and new offers for players keep coming... We talk to many RV Lotto players each week. Some of them e-mail us with questions, others with prize claims, and some, just to thank us for the game itself. One of the things we are told most often is, "I really appreciate learning about the sponsors' products. I have never heard of some of them before."

That's the idea behind RV Lotto, and we like the fact that even if players miss a week or two, they always come back to play the game, finding new offers each time on the home page of the web site.

The Lotto's creator, Matthew Burt of All Merchant Services, has become an important part of the rv industry. Because of the game, RV companies contact him all the time to ask about advertising, and he is sometimes able to negotiate great deals for players, exclusive to the RV Lotto game. Most recently, a special RV insurance rate was negotiated for you, and we encourage you to call and compare the rates with your existing insurance. For a FREE quote, you just call 1-866-855-3333, and special RV Lotto rates are available to you.

We're also about to begin a campaign for a new line of prizes for the fall camping season, and want to remind you that some of the "match 4" prizes are now even easier to win - by matching only THREE numbers! We have lots of winners every week, so don't forget to play your tickets this week - and take home a prize!

Good luck!

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