Tips for RSS Marketing: 

I began using an rss news feed on my site, , in June 2005.  Many of the early results were so stunning that in the first few weeks, I targetted lots of keywords, just to see what would happen.  As time went on, I learned a lot about how the stories appear to the search engines, and how they display in a listing of search results.  The following are important to remember: 


1.  The headline MUST contain the exact key words you are targetting, in the order that someone would type them in to search.  For example, I want visitors who are searching for rv parks and campgrounds in specific cities.  I know that if they do a search for a destination and find that we have a 50% discount at the exact location they are searching, that is an excellent prospect for me - and that is what matters - the best prospects visiting my site.  If I were writing an article to announce a new campground location, I would say, "Discount camping now available at Woodville Alabama rv park campground..."  I have hit all the important search points. 

2.  The introduction area must REPEAT the keywords in the title, as Google will ignore articles in which the introduction appears to have nothing to do with the title.  It is considered key word "spamming," and is ignored, and can get your rss articles black-listed. 

3.  Within the body of the story, write naturally, but be sure to also include your keywords here as often as possible.  This, too, raises the relevance of your title and introduction. 

4.  Do not waste your time aiming at keywords that are not related to your product or web site - directly.  Keywords that are listed as keywords in your source code should match the keywords you are targetting in your articles.  It IS possible to appear in the top 10 in Google with irrelevant keywords, but what is the point, if you are getting more visitors who are not interested in your product or service? 

5.  To check to see if Google's spiders have "found" an article you have written, copy and paste your entire title into a Google search bar and see if Google finds it.  It should appear as search result #1, because the exact words in that order will be found nowhere else.

6.  Using rss is a wonderful tool for helping your own web site, boosting the results of affiliate programs you sell for, or networking with other companies in your industry.  I do not sell any affiliate products, but if I did, I would write articles about them, ending with my affiliate links to buy the product.  I think pictures would be useful for this purpose.  I have found that I can use my rss stories to promote the web sites of fellow industry friends, along with boosting my own rankings.  As an example, I wrote one story to welcome the owner of Workers on Wheels to our forum.  As a result, my site appeared for several weeks at #2 on Google in searches for Workers on Wheels, and it also helped my friend, who owns that site, to promote her business when members of my club read the story.  I always include a link to the sites I mention, this insures benefits to both of us.